CFI Certification

CFI—Certified to be the Elite

A Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) is documented to be at the top of the field. You can become part of this exclusive fraternity through the resources of the IAI.

A CFI is a professional with the expertise to conduct a variety of investigative interviews with victims, witnesses, suspects or other sources to determine the facts regarding suspicions, allegations or specific incidents in either public or private sector settings.

“Higher levels of professionalism will go a long way to advancing and improving this incredibly important part of our jobs,”
—Kirk Lonbom, CFI Assistant Deputy Director, Illinois State Police.

CFI will help interviewers gain and test the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct a variety of investigative interviews with an understanding of the legal issues and with high levels of proficiency in the following:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Accusatory and Non-Accusatory Interviewing
  • Documentation and Presentation of Findings

The objective of this certification program is to create comprehensive, universally accepted professional standards combined with an objective measure of an interviewer’s knowledge of those standards.

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“In a field where the majority consider themselves experts, it is assuring to know that IAI filters through the multitudes and brings the industry’s true professionals to light. The CFI designation is a must-have now, in preparation for the challenges of tomorrow.”
—Hector Erazo, CFI, PI a Sr. AP Investigator, Target Corporation