What’s Trust Got to do with It

By Tammy Clark, CFI, CFE Trust is an important aspect at all levels of an investigation.  Your supervisors and business partners must trust that you will conduct your investigation in-line with your organization’s policies and procedures.  Similarly, the victims or complainants must trust you are taking their report seriously and will investigate it accordingly.  Just … Read more

Managing Your Emotions During an Interview

By Chris Norris, CFI Emotions can run the full gamut for both parties involved in an investigative interview.  Both the interviewer and the subject may feel the push and pull of a wide range of emotions.  From happiness to sadness, fear and surprise, disgust, anger and even contempt, the interview process can produce the ebbs … Read more

Search for the Truth: 4 Phases of Interrogation

Obtaining the truth during interrogations is crucial to solving cases and charging suspects, but the process is dynamic and ever-changing. To succeed in the interrogation process, interrogators must learn their craft, understand the process of obtaining the truth, and prepare for success. What should I consider before beginning the interrogation? Interrogators must make several determinations … Read more

CONTROLTEK Awards CFI Scholarship

IAI’s sponsor, CONTROLTEK, has recently awarded a CFI Online Prep Scholarship to one of their retail partners.  Congratulations from IAI to the recipient of this scholarship! Since 1976 CONTROLTEK has been delivering unique products and solutions to the cash-transfer and asset protection industries to address specific business challenges.  The company has grown steadily based on … Read more

Rocateq Rocks Without the Roll

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Rocateq’s Cart Containment System The Problem Shopping carts are frequently used by shoplifters to steal massive amounts of merchandise in a single store visit. They fill up the cart with high-valued merchandise, then simply walk right out the front doors. According to one statistic, the average loss retailers incur for … Read more