5 Quick Fixes to Your Pre-Employment Interviews

By: Dave Thompson, CFI Clear the background check, drug test, and pass through a series of scripted behavioral based interviews with all of the decision makers.  That sounds like a great process until about three weeks after hiring the candidate you find out they omitted something from their application. They have a problem with taking … Read more

Second Reformation of American Interrogation

Sensational true crime cases can really capture the attention of the general public.  Whether it’s Steven Avery in Making a Murderer, Colonel Russell Williams a convicted Canadian rapist and murderer or the mystery of the Hollywood severed head, these cases capture my attention as well.  The main reason the cold case homicide of the Hollywood … Read more

Can a Lie be Used for Good?

By:  Juan Valverde, CFI Following are some observations about Travis Bradberry’s article, “60% of Your Colleagues are Lying to You. Here are eight surefire ways to spot a liar in the act.” Lying is something that is found in our everyday lives, and is also the subject of great philosophical dilemmas. But above all else … Read more

Identifying Intent: An Auditors Guide to the Truth

By Dave Thompson, CFI Another day, another audit.  The routines of compliance or auditing professionals may seem very rigid, full of checks and balances, checkmarks and scores; sometimes even the announcement that an auditor is onsite will cause a location or department to completely derail from their current focus and scramble to satisfy all of … Read more