Dave Leinfelder CFI

The CFI of the Year award was presented to Dave Leinfelder, CFI

Dave is the Senior Manager Enterprise Fraud & Investigations at Best Buy and has been in the field for over 18 years.

Why does this individual deserve the CFI of the Year Award?

Dave has been instrumental in growing the investigative muscle for our organization. Not only does he continue to bring value day in and day out across all business groups throughout the organization, he continues to be a mentor to others who wish to grow in the field of investigations. Dave consistently applies out of the box logic to every scenario in anticipation of what hurdles he may encounter whether it be with an interviewee to obtain an accurate confession or a business partner who needs some influencing to understand the importance of the changes to their program to minimize risk to our organization. I’ve witnessed first-hand interviewees who walk away after an interview with Dave thanking him for his professionalism and courtesy while being escorted out in cuffs.

As a leader and professional to the trade as well as a mentor to anyone who wishes to pursue investigations, Dave deserves to be recognized for not only affording Best Buy the benefits of his knowledge but also for sharing it with the industry. 

What some other CFI’s said about Dave:

  • He seems level headed and a solution provider to others. I like what he has done and his ability to share and the value he brings to his organization. He is not self-centered, truly there to educate and provide solutions.
  • This person demonstrates the well rounded ability to bring the public and private sector together with proven results elevating not only the designation of their CFI but being a leader in an ever evolving environment.
  • Hardest working guy I know!
  • Going into an interview thinking that there may be more to learn is a terrific trait. You may feel you have everything nailed down but if you dig a bit more you may get even more evidence against the person, or you may find out something you had no idea was even there.

Congratulations Dave!