Jacque James, CFE

JARA Fraud & Forensic Services

Why did you join IAI?

I am interested in pursuing my CFI.

What is the most beneficial feature of our new website, www.certifiedinterviewer.com?

There is a great deal of resources on the site including tips, forms and good articles.

How has IAI helped you?

It has allowed me to stay current with interview trends and techniques.

Do you use social media? If so, which ones?

I use LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter.

What are some of your career passions?

I really like helping privately-held companies and nonprofit organizations to be more profitable by preventing losses. I love educating others on fraud topics, hiring techniques and company culture. There is a direct correlation between company culture and theft. A strong culture means employees will have a harder time rationalizing stealing from their employers. Subsequently, a low culture translates into higher theft and fraud cases / losses. A lot of folks in the fraud and forensic industry do not pay attention to company culture. I think that is a huge miss on their part to truly make a positive impact for a client.