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Herbert v. Cain, 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 03-31158 (2005)

Can an employer request that an employee submit to a polygraph examination when there is no reasonable suspicion that the employee was involved in the incident?
Polkey v.Transtecs Corp., 11th Cir. No.04-14949, March 29, 2005

Court Decisions Regarding Investigations

Interviewers and Criminal Convictions

Man in custody and represented by counsel confesses to unrelated armed robbery. Was his right to counsel violated?
U.S. v. Santiago, 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. No. 05-1515

Should the employees statements be suppressedShould the employee’s statements be suppressed when promises not to call police are made?
Mirabal v. State,698 So.2d 360 Fla 4th 1997

Vance v. Ball State University 646 F.3d 461 (2011)
Maetta Vance, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Ball State University, et al., Defendants-appellees. No. 08-3568. United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit

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