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The Future of Investigations:  RFId
Presented by Tom Meehan, CFI, CSO, CISO and Stefanie Hoover at CONTROLTEK

Why attend?

Ever wondered exactly how RFID could impact you or your investigators? What’s in it for you? Tom Meehan, CSO, CISO and Stefanie Hoover, CFI at CONTROLTEK will give a brief overview of the technology and where we are with its adoption and usage in the Retail Industry. He will explain some exciting use cases and potential investigative assists that derive from a full RFID rollout.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Presented by Patrick W. Cooper, PCI, Senior Investigator at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Why attend?

Attendees will learn the precursor behaviors that perpetrators exhibit that are well-documented.  “Don’t Ignore the Red Flags” provides insight into these behaviors, and their significance as it relates to prevention.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.




prepare like a pro:  investigatory prep for the hr professional

Presented by Brett L. Ward, CFI

Why attend?

Attendees will learn the best investigatory prep practices to use for an investigation.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

He said. She said. Now what? A Guide to Workplace Investigations

Presented by Dave Thompson, CFI

Why attend?

Attendees will learn how to conduct workplace investigations when there are two different accounts of an event being presented.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.






Optimizing Objections

Presented by Michael Reddington, CFI

Why attend?

Attendees will learn how to strategically reduce the resistance they face during interviews and coaching conversations and calmly leverage the resistance they encounter to reconcile their conversations.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.





the Top 5 Secrets of Building Rapport

Presented by Robert Sanchez, Jr., CFI

Why attend?

Attendees will learn how to build rapport from the beginning of the interview and maintain it throughout.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.




Situational Safety:  Protecting the Interview and the Interviewer

Presented by Jesse Stanley, CPP, CFI
Strongside Principles, LLC

Why attend?

More and more organizations are experiencing an increase in aggressive behavior making it critical to be able to recognize signs of disruptive behavior and being able to head it.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.





Leading Investigators:  How to develop, motivate, and build a world class investigative team

Presented by Joe Davis, LPC, CPP, CFI

Senior Regional Asset Protection Manager, Walmart


Why attend?

In this webinar Joe will be going over ways on how to build your team into world class investigators.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.



Help! I need a rationalization…Now!

Presented By Randy Tennison, CPP, CFE, CFI
Senior Financial Analyst Advisory & Assurance-Ticket Fraud Task Force
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Why attend?

In this webinar Randy will give tips on how to develop a rationalization on the spot.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.



The 4-S Approach to Human Capital Risk Management:  A Primer

Presented By Dr. John W. Jones, Chief Scientist of General Dynamics IT’s Human Capital Risk Management team

Why attend?
A multi-pronged risk-management model presented here, the “4-S Approach”, demonstrates the importance and value of coordination between Security, Safety, Service and Strategy domains to ensure organizational success today.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.




What retail problem is 7.5x greater than ORC?

Presented By Greg Buzek, President of IHL Group


Whitepaper Graphic - social

Why attend?
Loss Prevention professionals know what it takes to fight Organized Retail Crime (ORC), but is it retail’s biggest problem?

Yes, utilizing resources to ensure your retail establishment is protected against ORC is important. But what about stock-on-hand? One of the best ways to reduce shrink is to increase sales. Is your team helping to solve retail’s stock-on-hand issue? After all, it’s 7 times greater than the ORC problem.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the elements included in the Stock-on-Hand (SOH) problem?
  • How big is the inventory problem for retail?
  • Why does SOH matter?
  • How can increasing sales reduce shrink?
  • Why should Loss Prevention executives address SOH?

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Crime Tracking:  GPS Solution to Organized Retail Crime

Presented By Gary Berra, Sr. Vice President of Operations BlueTracs and Tim Hickey, Owner and President of TGH Consulting, LLC




Why attend?
This webinar discusses the truths and myths about GPS technology and how it relates to ORC.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.




Truth, Deception and Misconceptions:  Cross Cultural Interview Considerations

Presented By Michael Reddington, CFI

Why attend?

This webinar discusses what to consider regarding truth, deception and misconceptions during the interview process.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.



What Does Your Behavior Say About You

Presented By Angela Nino, CFI

Why attend?

The webinar discusses how our physical behaviors influence our minds.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.





The Art of Listening

Presented By John Eric Jacobsen, Co-founder and President of Jacobsen Business Programs, Inc.

Why attend?

This webinar will discuss the facts about listening, the 10 costly business consequences of not listening, the 3 steps of listening, and how to become an outstanding listener.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.


Risk Managing the Psychological Factors Triggering Employee Accidents

Presented By Dr. John W. Jones, Chief Scientist of General Dynamics IT’s Human Capital Risk Management team

Why attend?

This webinar discusses the importance of understanding and addressing psychological factors that trigger employee accidents, including human capital errors estimated to be responsible for upwards of 90% of all accidents.

In this webinar session, you will gain the following information:
• An understanding of the Stress-Accident Cycle and its role in unsafe behavior
• Techniques for preventing on-the-job accidents and injuries by breaking the stress-accident cycle and increasing employees’ ability to understand and self-manage their safety attitudes
• Understanding safety control orientation (including “externally oriented” versus “internally oriented” workers), and how it can be measured and reported with a validated assessment tool
• Approaches for individual- and organizational self-development of safety-related attitudes and personality factors

This webinar is relevant to occupational risk and safety managers, operations managers, human resource professionals, and asset protection and loss prevention professionals.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

“Team Up to Get the Truth”

Presented By Dave Thompson, CFI


Why attend?
Join this featured Webinar as WZ instructor Dave Thompson, CFI discusses the advantages of teaming up for the holiday season. Everyone within the organization is extremely busy during the holidays so it’s important not to operate in isolation. Dave will teach attendees how WZ’s non-confrontational approach can be incorporated into a strategy for the entire team using real-life examples from his own experience. From hiring high-risk seasonal candidates to interviewing existing employees who are suspected of wrong doing; Dave will also discuss how to quickly identify dishonest indicators and work towards a resolution!

Some other takeaways will include:
– Pre-Employment Interviewing Tips
– Obstacles with Interviewing Dishonest Seasonal Employees
– Leveraging your Business Partners with Profit and Safety

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

“Building Rapport: 10 Ways to Get Anyone Talking” 

Presented by Angela Nino, CFI

Why attend?

Interview and Interrogation is an art form, the ability to have others tell you the truth of their wrongdoing.  The art within the art is the ability to develop a rapport.  Rapport building enables an interviewer to gain information that is immediately useful in the process, providing potential reasons that have driven the person to do what they have done.

In this webinar you will be given multiple techniques to obtain rapport with an individual, not just for an interview but also for every day communication.  Some people have the natural ability, but all is not lost, anyone can learn how to develop better rapport!

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Outside the Interview Room: Leveraging Your Skills in Business Conversations

Presented by Walter Palmer, CFI

Why attend?
You’ve invested significant time, money, and energy developing your skills and toolbox as a professional interviewer and investigator. Are you using the skills to your benefit in all aspects of your work, or do you “turn off” your skills when you’re not conducting an investigation?

Have you considered whether some of the skills you use in an investigative interview might actually be working against you in other business conversations? In this webinar, we’ll explore how to leverage your hard-won skillset in all of your business interactions and make sure that you differentiate when it is helpful and when it isn’t. 

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Memory Skills for Productivity

Presented by Jim Zalud

Why attend?
No matter how hard we try, our memory will diminish with time. By the time someone reaches the age of 80, up to 20% of nerve cells will have expired. If you are a “Boomer” or even Gen-X, it is important that you be prepared for the “Rest-of-Your-Life.”

Jim will provide tips for remembering names, objects, lists, and numbers giving the audience added confidence and productivity.  This is important in all aspects of your career and especially in the interview and interrogation process.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Asset Protection and Effective Applicant Screening In A Changing Legal Environment

Presented by Gary Behrens, M.S., MBA, Director of Human Capital Sciences for the Human Capital Risk Management team of General Dynamics IT


Asset Protection GDIT Webinar PictureWhy attend?
Recent EEOC Enforcement Guidance and a growing number of jurisdictions implementing new “Ban the Box” statutes have added limitations on the use of job applicant criminal record inquiries and background checks by employers.

Employers must also comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates regarding  applicant financial and credit history inquiries, and should be aware of new drug

legalization laws that may affect their use of drug screening. At the same time, employers need to conduct effective risk assessment of job applicants to address the increasing severity, complexity and costs of threats to their customers, employees and assets, while identifying applicants with strong “job fit” and soft skills to help improve organizational performance.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

The Cognitive Interview: Not every conversation is accusatory

Presented by Angela Nino, CFI from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates


 Cognitive Interviewing with Sponsor logoWhy attend?
  • Enhance the process of memory retrieval without generating inaccurate accounts.
  • Understanding the memory retrieval rules.
  • Structure your interview to be more compatible with how the brain retrieves memories.
1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Leveraging Risk Surveys to Support General Loss Interviews and Meet Investigative Challenges

Presented by Dennis Joy, M.A., from General Dynamics IT


 general-loss-webinar-for-shopping-cartWhy attend?
General loss interviews remain critical to many retailers, and highly trained loss prevention investigators leverage their training and a variety of techniques to elicit information from employees about internal theft in this model. However, loss prevention professionals may still face resource challenges that can limit their success rate on specific investigations or the number of problematic locations they can address as they grapple with an increasing range of theft threats.This session explores the science and practice of using validated risk surveys to standardize, streamline and speed-up employee theft investigations through faster identification of high-risk employees for investigators to focus on and the use of theft-relevant attitudes and admissions. Attendees will learn how this “top of the funnel” survey approach allows loss professionals to maximize the number of theft problems that they can effectively address, even when facing limited budgets and resources. A case study will be presented to profile a retailer’s use of a risk survey to designate high-risk employees for follow up and to supplement initial data collection for use in the interview.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Emerging Threats for Cyber Crimes

Presented by Theresa Payton and Vince Crisler from Fortalice Solutions


cyber crime pictureWhy attend?
Find out why the Retail Industry is in the Bullseye of Cybercrime and What You Can Do About it.

Fortalice is a team of cybercrime fighters protecting against internet predators. We design, develop, and deploy affordable customized services and strategies that fend off the bad guys.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.

Guarding Against Complacency

Presented by Dave Zulawski, CFI, CFE, Chris Norris, CFI and Wayne Hoover, CFI from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates.


 guarding-against-complacencyWhy attend?
  • Effective Rationalization Techniques
  • Identifying ORC in External Cases
  • Writing Comprehensive Reports

Provide the subject with reasons or excuses that psychologically minimize the seriousness of what they have done so they can admit guilt while saving face and transferring blame.

1 CEU awarded to attendees.