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Cultural Interviewing Follow-Up from ETD – Lessons from the Field
Presented by Chris Norris, CFI
When:  Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Time:  2:00PM to 3:00PM (Eastern)

Chris will be doing a review from his presentation at Elite Training Day 2019 as well as sharing lessons from the field.






Why Diversity Matters:  Recruiting and Engaging Diverse Talent
Presented by Julie Kratz, Women’s leadership speaker and trainer, Pivot Point
When:  Friday, August 16, 2019
Time:  2:00PM to 3:00PM (Eastern)

In this highly collaborative talk, women’s leadership speaker and trainer, Julie Kratz will share stories, ideas, and research from her book, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality.  She reveals the top trends she is seeing from her clients on gender equality in the workplace.

To succeed, you will learn the benefits of diversity and how to recruit, hire, and engage top talent.  You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Build a plan using proven strategies to engage diverse talent and foster an inclusive workplace
  • Collaboratively create and enhance your diversity plan with leaders with unique perspectives and backgrounds
  • Apply tangible tools and techniques to facilitate interactive discussions on diversity in your organization