What If? Three Interview Traps You Can Be Prepared For

By:  Shane Sturman CFI, CPP As a presenter, we continually wait in anticipation for the inevitable “what ifs” from the seminar attendees. Sometimes it feels as if the “what ifs” can go on forever. However, these investigators are doing exactly what all of us should be doing before, during and after an investigation, asking ourselves … Read more

What is Unconscious Bias?

By Julie Kratz (originally posted on on May 22, 2018)  Gender bias is often much more subtle today than the blatant bias we used to hear and see in the workplace 20 years ago.  Yet, what we find is that bias is still there, it is just not as overt as it once was.  It is … Read more

When “Just The Facts” Doesn’t Work

By Bryan Barlow, CFI Interviewers across all sectors often encounter traumatized individuals when conducting investigations.  Police and public sector investigators deal with crime victims and their families.  Private sector investigators may need to gather information from survivors of workplace violence or harassment.  HR professionals will be talking to people dealing with traumatic events in their … Read more

What are you waiting for?

By Tony Paixao, CFI, CFE, Instructor/Consultant, Wicklander Zulawski “To be successful, you need to be hungry. If you’re hungry, eat a ham sandwich”—Abe Lincoln. Well, this quote may not be entirely real (and by entirely, I mean it’s completely made up), but people,-please don’t forget the need to stay hungry in this business. We see … Read more

A Legend in One’s Own Mind

By Brett L. Ward, CFI “No certificate ever proved competency in anything…” Since the program’s inception a few years ago, every single Premier Investigators Workshop I’ve been privileged to conduct with teams around the globe has begun with this very statement.  What a certificate proves is that effort (subjective) was extended to complete the task, assignment, course … Read more

Coming in Cold: A First-Timer’s Account of WZ Training

By Derek James Hauk, Audience Development Coordinator for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates My name is Derek and I work with superheroes. That may reek of hyperbole, but it’s the best summary of my day-to-day activities at Wicklander-Zulawski. I promote the activities of our instructors, who are distinguished, highly sought-after professionals in their fields. Many of them … Read more

There’s Always Time to be Thankful …

By Brett L. Ward, CFI What exactly happened to 2018?  I’m going to need proof that it even existed.  I remember my parents often pleading with me to “slow down pal, enjoy the present– your future will get here soon enough.”   Early on I simply wanted to advance without hesitation.  High School couldn’t have moved … Read more