Dion Davis, CFI

Senior Manager Global Corporate Security
North Carolina Campus, Global Supply Chain
Ralph Lauren

What are you most excited about in your new position?

It is a privilege and honor to work for a company like L Brands, the parent company to five powerful retail brands of Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Bath

Why did you become a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI)?

  • To enhance my professional experience
  • To refresh my interview skills, as I had been out of the industry for a few years
  • To meet a requirement from my employer

What was the most difficult challenge you came across while preparing for the CFI exam?

Spending time learning case law.  Although familiar with some of the case law, most areas required additional time to understand the topics by studying the provided materials along with additional research.

Do you use social media? If so, which ones?

I do use social media

  • on the professional side, LinkedIn
  • on the personal side, Facebook and Instagram

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family and living life to the fullest.

  • When it comes to my family, finding ways to stay connected and always be supportive.
  • When it comes to living life to the fullest, I have learned later in life the importance of embracing change and taking risks to achieve what I want out of life.

Who do you most admire? Who is your favorite person? Why?

I am a history buff and an admirer of Winston Churchill.  Churchill, being so defiant and resolute when faced with overwhelming odds, was truly inspirational.

If you could trade places for a day with anyone, who would it be?

Frank Sinatra during the Rat Pack days. That just had to be a lot of fun!!!!!!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring?

A strong knife – a useful tool and weapon if needed

An ocean fishing pole rig – Having time on my hands, I might as well do something I enjoy and hopefully catch a meal or two.

My Kindle with solar charger – a collection of books to read while fishing…. Nothing could be better.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Godfather.  Pretty sure I have memorized every line in that movie by now.