Harvin Moore III P.C.

As Investigators and Interviewers, you may already be doing a lot of work in the San Antonio, TX area. If not, the odds are you probably will — because San Antonio is the northern gateway to that vast South Texas shale oil area know as the “Eagleford”. Coupled with its other premier Texas oil field, which is experiencing a phenomenal rejuvenation, “The Permian Basin”, and the recently discovered Bakken Shale in North Dakota, which are leading the United States to energy independence (at long last), it is a fertile field for unethical, even illegal conduct, and your talents are desperately needed.

For example, The Houston Chronicle reported on Friday, November 28, 2014 in an article “Goodbye to Data when Some Workers Depart” by Collin Eaton, who reported that the most highly coveted petroleum engineers not only take their own skills and “know how” when they change jobs, they also take “a thumb drive filled with pilfered company data.” Almost everything an organization has of value that it would like to keep private, is today more easily accessed, copied and carried away, virtually unseen. And in this environment and industry, we are talking about Big Money. Thus, the job of “following the money” becomes more difficult, but even more critical to the organization that was victimized.

Usually we know what happened, but isn’t the challenge discovering Why? And, that’s where you come in to this scenario. It’s not easy to discover the “whys” in these cases; but, if you can, it would be extremely valuable information to provide to your client. With that, you can then, assist your client in taking the necessary, prudent and effective steps to prevent a similar occurrence.

From my experience, I believe most individuals don’t start out motivated to steal something of value and “get rich”. These crimes are much more nuanced than that and often evolve over a period of time. And then, one day, someone is at that “fork in the road” and they must make a choice. Which fork or road they take will have a profound effect on the person making the Choice, and it will also eventually impact others. Therefore, isn’t that the best place to inquire: Exactly what precipitated that first step down the wrong road?

Over two days, April 14th and 15th, 2015, you will discover much new information critical to your profession and of value to you and your clients. And, you’ll be soaking it up in one of the truly unique cities in the U.S., San Antonio, TX. Don’t miss it!