Jeremy Willis, CFI

Why did you become a Certified Forensic Interviewer ( CFI)?

Interviewing is my passion. By far the best part of being a Loss Prevention Professional.

What was the most difficult challenge you came across while preparing for the CFI exam?

By far the most difficult challenge was balancing the demands of everyday life while trying to find the time to study.

Do you use social media? If so which ones?

Yes, I do use social media. I use LinkedIn, and Instagram

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family and friends. Who are We without THEM?

Who do you most admire? Who is your favorite person? Why?

I admire my children.  I look at them and see such innocence, love and sincerity.  Their minds are a blank canvass and the possibilities are endless. I admire that.

If you could trade places for a day with anyone, who would it be?

Actually, I am blessed beyond measure. I’ve been through so much and learned so much from each experience.  The lord is so good to me and I am beyond thankful. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?

My family, A humidor full of cigars and my favorite Whiskey!

What’s your favorite movie?

Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop. I am an 80’s kid and LOVE early Eddie Murphy!