Jim Mullaney, CFI

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Dollar General

Why does this individual deserve the CFI of the Year Award?

Jim Mullaney, CFI, is Regional Loss Prevention Manager for the Dollar General Corporation. Prior to Dollar General he was with Price Chopper. Mullaney credits his CFI designation with helping hone his interviewing skills and developing his credentials as a loss prevention professional. He looks forward to sharing his skills and knowledge with others on his team.

What are you most excited about in your new position?

Mullaney: I am most excited about being able to bring the CFI experience to my team and help them develop their careers not only as interviewers, but as loss prevention professionals.

What interested you most in your new role with Dollar General?

Mullaney: The opportunity to gain experience in the grocery portion of the business was very intriguing and a new career step I was looking forward to taking. Dollar General offers me the chance to get experience in a different type of retail setting and one in which I had no previous experience. The challenge of learning something new is appealing to me.

How has being a CFI helped you in your career?

Mullaney: Becoming a Certified Forensic Interviewer has helped my career in several different ways. First and foremost the training helped me become a much better interviewer. I have conducted a lot of interviews in the past, and learning crucial interview skills has helped me complete them successfully. Secondly, when people find out you are CFI certified, they immediately realize that you take your career seriously. Earning the CFI shows others that you are willing to invest in your own success.

What are you most grateful for throughout your career?

Mullaney: I am most grateful for my mentors. My mentor and best friend, Derek McCarthy, gave me my first job in loss prevention. Derek was there to help me and always took time to teach me about loss prevention. He continues to influence me with career advice. One of my other mentors is Bob Thomas who was my operational counterpart. Bob continues to teach me a great deal about the operational side of retail. From these two inspirational mentors I have learned that to be successful in loss prevention you need to be a businessman and understand the symbiotic relationship between operations and loss prevention. Thanks Derek! Thanks Bob!