Johnny Custer, CFI

Director of Analytics at Sears
Holdings Corporation’s Asset
& Profit Protection unit

  1. I am really excited to be a part of a time that is experiencing dramatic growth and evolution.  The team is filled with exciting people with new ideas, energy, and passion.  The change of our department name/description from simply “Loss Prevention” to “Asset AND Profit Protection” is representative of this evolution.
  2. I wanted to be a part of a team that helps to mold and shape the direction of our company during this important transformational period.  I worked for Kmart early in my LP/AP career, and it feels like I have some full circle… it really is nice to be back!
  3. From the time the program was announced, I knew that I wanted to be a CFI.  Back then, it wasn’t the “industry standard” that it is today, but I knew that holding the designation would represent my ambition to always build and develop my interviewing acumen.  I believe that the fact that CFI is now THE industry standard for interview and interrogation aptitude, maintaining certification is a priority in my career.  It has opened doors for me on countless occasions – sometimes those doors were for a new opportunity; or often, a chance to meet and chat with a like-minded peer.  Sometimes, in our small industry, the latter can have a greater impact on a career!
  4. I am, without a doubt, most grateful to the mentors that have (patiently) taken me under their wing(s) and helped to guide my career.  There are many times I can look back on and say with some certainty – that I would not be where I am today (or where I am going, for that matter) without their council and candor.  So to Gene, Bob, Kevin, Jim, and Ernie…  Thank you.

If I could trade places with anyone for a day…  I would, without hesitation, trade places with Ray Farmer, GM of the Cleveland Browns.  I would make some decisions during that 24 hours that would seriously alter the course of history.  Let’s be honest… it can’t get any worse, right?

3 things I would take if I were stranded on a desert island?


  1. A fully stocked, “bottomless” Italian deli.  Supresotta, Capicolla, Prociutto, Mortadella, Genoa Salami, etc…  Add in some fresh bread, some provolone… heaven on earth!
  2. Some strong cholesterol meds
  3. My ipad

Favorite movie?

That depends on what day you’re asking.  Some days, its “Die Hard”, or “Star Wars” (’77), or even “Dawn of the Dead”.  Today though?  Today I’ll go with “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Wait… I changed my answer – can I change places with Indiana Jones for a day?