Holiday Survival Kit

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The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is here to help! IAI is offering members a perfectly packaged Holiday Survival Kit that includes everything you need to tackle the interviewing challenges the holiday rush brings including:

WebinarWebinar: “Team Up to Get the Truth” by WZ instructor Dave Thompson, CFI

Join WZ Instructor Dave Thompson, CFI as he provide tips on how different divisions within the organization can work together to prepare for the holiday season and tackle some of the objections coming from part-time or temporary employees.

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Video TipsHoliday Video Tip Series

Black Friday is right around the corner! As your organization begins preparing for additional holiday employees, you’ll be prepared after watching the IAI Video Tip series on “Part-Time Hiring Considerations” presented by WZ Speakers Wayne Hoover, CFI and Dave Thompson, CFI.

IAI Video Tip: Pre-Employment Interviews

IAI Video Tip: Proper Way to Rationalize During a Pre-Employment Interview

RationalizationNew Rationalizations

Rationalizations are an essential key to the success of your interview.  IAI wants to make sure you’re prepared with effective, well-structured rationalizations specific to the holiday season! See below for the 7 NEW Holiday Rationalizations.

Check out our Naughty & Nice: IAI Guide to Holiday Behavior