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I Think I Can. Telephone Interviewing Tips

By Wayne Hoover, CFI “I can’t do an interview over the phone, I have to see the person.” I hear this so often at our seminars and, while d...

A Senate Hearing, But Nobody is Listening.

By Dave Thompson, CFI Watching the Kavanaugh hearings and subsequent “expert” opinions has me really concerned about the inability of people...

Think They’re Lying? Think Again.

By Dave Thompson, CFI “Her eyes darted back and forth as if she was thinking of a response…” “Based on her answers and body langu...


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RLPSA Connect Domino’s Headquarters (30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr., Ann Arbor, MI) 11/15/2018 / 11/15/2018
Cyber Security Summit: Los Angeles The Beverly Hilton 11/29/2018 / 11/29/2018
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