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What If? Three Interview Traps You Can Be Prepared For

By:  Shane Sturman CFI, CPP As a presenter, we continually wait in anticipation for the inevitable “what ifs” from the semi...

What is Unconscious Bias?

By Julie Kratz (originally posted on on May 22, 2018)  Gender bias is often much more subtle today than the blatant bias ...

A Tale of Two Bartenders: How to Build Rapport Like It’s Your Job

By Tony Paixão, CFI, CFE This is a tale of two bartenders. My wife and I were visiting the suburb of a city that shall remain nameless (rhym...


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MNORCA, IAFCI MN & Dakota Chapter Training Conference Target Corporate HQ - North Campus (7000 Target Parkway N Brookl 10/08/2019 / 10/08/2019
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